Event Series WEW 2024

Building Goods

The Ivy House 906 S Barclay St, Milwaukee, WI, United States

Women who make some iconic Made in Milwaukee products join us to share their years of collective wisdom. Head over to the Ivy House and learn how and why they started baking, brewing, publishing, printing, and sewing their unique and memorable goods.

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Event Series WEW 2024

Build a Brand Story

Charles Allis Art Museum 1801 N Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Milwaukee, United States

Nydia Maurás-Jones, co-owner of Odvant, will do a deep dive into strategic branding for small business owners. She’ll explain how to assess your brand story and identify tools you need to maintain consistency and authenticity. Following Nydia’s presentation, she’ll be joined by Mara Natkin and Gloria Ramirez, the owners of Artery Ink, and Angela Damiani, co-founder of NEWaukee, to discuss how their businesses have leveraged their brand stories to market their goods and services. 

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Event Series WEW 2024

All About the Apps

Charles Allis Art Museum 1801 N Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Milwaukee, United States

Melissa Howard, the director behind Milwaukee’s most famous Tik Toker, the Milwaukee County Public Library, will join Lalese Stamps, owner of Lolly Lolly Ceramics, to discuss all things social media. Learn how these organizations leverage social media to find customers, share their stories, and go viral.

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Event Series WEW 2024

Leveraging Video

Charles Allis Art Museum 1801 N Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Milwaukee, United States

New to video and want to learn more about how to use video in your marketing or business? Laura Dyan Kezman, founder of LionArt Media, and Jamie Perez, founder of Beyond Words Productions, are two videographers and former journalists passionate about using video to tell stories. They'll give tips and tricks to help you start taking better quality videos. Plus, they'll share insights about how video amplifies your story and connections to new audiences.

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Event Series WEW 2024

Habit Lab: 7 Ways to Boost Productivity, Energy, Strength and Joy All Day Long

1816 North Marshall Street Milwaukee, WI, United States

Explore simple and effective methods of boosting your energy both mentally and physically at this event with Katie Hunt of Strength Sanctuary. Attendees will walk away with a new understanding of the profound effect of movement, mindset, and self-care, even in small doses.

Are you tired of feeling sluggish in the afternoons? Do you want to be more productive throughout the day? Or perhaps you just want to have more consistent energy to support your lifestyle and feel more fulfilled? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you won't want to miss this interactive workshop.

In this event, you'll discover seven strategies that will help you enhance your productivity, energy levels, strength, and joy. These strategies are designed to develop feel-good habits that can revolutionize your daily life. You'll learn practical tips and tools that you can immediately apply to your life, regardless of whether you want to skyrocket your focus and productivity, transform your physical fitness and energy levels, or simply experience more joy and fulfillment in your life.

Katie will guide you through the workshop and provide you with all the information you need to succeed. Grab a spot in this workshop and start creating your most enriching life chapter yet!

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Event Series WEW 2024

The Art of Business Besties: How to Form Relationships that Fuel You & Your Business

Husch Blackwell LLP 511 North Broadway, Milwaukee, WI, United States

Join Claire Becker and Glasa Gottschalk for an inclusive workshop designed to facilitate networking and building new relationships.

It's not always easy to build authentic relationships. Sometimes networking can be draining and superficial. Other times we meet someone amazing but worry about being "good enough" to not waste their time. Sound familiar? Intentional relationship building among women entrepreneurs lifts our collective success. We hope our workshop, The Art of Business Besties, lifts you up as well. Together we will build new relationships, discuss the keys to deepen partnerships, and leave with a plan to propel relationships forward in a way that fuels ourselves and our businesses.

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Event Series WEW 2024

True Crime of Bad Design: Investigating the True Cost of Design Gone Wrong

Milwaukee Public Library - East Side Location 2320 N Cramer St, Milwaukee, WI, United States

Theresa Wilmot teaches seven principles of graphic design that will improve anyone's ability to create their own designs. Attendees will learn the importance of effectively communicating with their audience visually.

Join us for an intriguing exploration into the world of graphic design as we uncover the secrets behind crafting compelling and impactful visuals. In this riveting talk, acclaimed graphic designer Theresa Wilmot delves deep into the true crimes of bad design and reveals the three crucial principles that can transform your graphics from lackluster to legendary.

From the importance of typography to the power of color theory, each principle is dissected and demystified, offering practical tips and techniques that you can immediately apply to your own projects. By the end of this enlightening session, you'll possess the knowledge needed to create visuals that capture attention and convey your message with clarity and impact.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of effective graphic design and take your creativity to the next level. Join us for True Crime of Bad Design and discover how mastering these principles can make all the difference in your visual communication.

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Event Series WEW 2024

Client-Centric Business Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Charles Allis Art Museum 1801 N Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Milwaukee, United States

In today's competitive landscape, businesses are seeking ways to differentiate themselves and foster lasting client relationships. In this session, Innovative Sales Strategist, Celia Faye Meisel, will present the transformative power of embracing a client-centric approach that optimizes sales, marketing, and fulfillment strategies. Discover how prioritizing your clients' needs can revolutionize your business from the inside out, boosting revenues, client loyalty, and overall satisfaction for you and your team.

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Event Series WEW 2024

Building Change

The Box 311 E. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI, United States

You’ll cheer, laugh, and maybe cry when we hear from these women entrepreneurs on a mission! We’ll talk with five entrepreneurs who are tackling big issues with every pizza, book, report, performance, and bin of food scraps. Please join us at women-owned The Box for drinks, appetizers, and revelations.

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Event Series WEW 2024

Late Night Comedy Show

Sugar Maple 441 E Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee, WI, United States

WEW’s After Party is the after party you always wanted but never knew you needed. Blow off some steam with your WEW community and enjoy a trio of women comedians and a drink (or several) at woman-owned bar, The Sugar Maple.

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Event Series WEW 2024

By the Book Part 2

Charles Allis Art Museum 1801 N Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Milwaukee, United States

Bring your notebook (or buy one of ours!). This session is dedicated to legal, insurance, and accounting issues for existing businesses, including those that have been open for several years. Insurance agent Cheryl Litvin will talk all things business insurance, Cheryl McMurtry will bring the accounting expertise, and Attorney Stephanie L. Melnick will delve into ongoing legal issues for small businesses.

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Event Series WEW 2024

Real Deal on Real Estate for Small Businesses

Charles Allis Art Museum 1801 N Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Milwaukee, United States

Interested in leasing or buying commercial real estate? This panel features Cindy Shaffer (founder of Shaffer Development), Jenny Doede (founder of Plan North Partners), Steffi Hahn (commercial broker), and Attorney Sarah Haas (Melnick & Melnick, S.C.) who will talk about considerations for finding the right space, the nitty gritty of how the leasing process works, and how to negotiate your commercial lease.

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