WEW Crew 2025

WEW Crew is dedicated to supporting She Stands Tall’s efforts to organize Women’s Entrepreneurship Week. The fee includes all of the following amazing benefits: (1) a ticket for WEW 2025; (2) admission to She Stands Tall speaker series or educational events through June 2025; (3) first-to-know WEW 2025 info. and at least 3 pre-WEW input sessions; (4) post WEW feedback session; (5) first dibs for WEW volunteer opportunities; (6) special WEW Crew name badge; and (7) WEW 2025 artist-designed T-shirt.

PLUS New WEW Crew benefits for 2025: (8) NEW Admission to all WEW networking events through June 2025 (including launch party!); (9) NEW Inclusion in She Stands Tall’s digital directory if you’re a business owner or access to the digital directory if you’re not a business owner; (10) NEW Inclusion in She Stands Tall’s second iteration of its “Women-Owned MKE” digital map to debut (tentatively) in November 2024 (if you’re a business owner); (11) NEW Inclusion in the “I’m Your Person” WEW Business Card Wall at WEW 2025; and (12) NEW WEW Crew group thank you feature in a She Stands Tall newsletter.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The WEW Crew 2025 fee includes the above-listed benefits. The term begins when you submit payment of the fee and ends on July 31, 2025 (“Termination Date”). All benefits, including free access to events and inclusion in the directory, expire as of the Termination Date. The WEW Crew 2025 fee is nonrefundable and must be paid before receiving any of the WEW Crew benefits. The WEW Crew benefits (including tickets to WEW 2025 or She Stands Tall events) cannot be assigned or transferred. We will not automatically register you for any WEW or She Stands Tall events. Joining the WEW Crew does not guarantee space at any event. The WEW Crew 2025 fee increases from $450 to $500 on August 1, 2024.

Any questions? Email info@shestandstallmke.com.