WEW Crew

Thanks for joining the WEW Crew! WEW Crew is an annual membership for members dedicated to supporting She Stands Tall’s efforts to organize Women’s Entrepreneurship Week. The membership fee includes (1) an All-In Plus Membership ($200 value, including access to all WEW 2024 and speaker series events); (2) special events for WEW Crew members; and (3) a WEW 2024 t-shirt.

We will not automatically register you for any events. Purchase of the WEW Crew membership does not guarantee space at any event.

NOTE: WEW Crew membership does not include (1) any fees that may be charged by collaborators hosting events during WEW 2024 and (2) any alcoholic beverages unless otherwise specified. The WEW Crew membership is nonrefundable and nontransferable. Any questions? Email info@shestandstallmke.com.