In January 2020, we started She Shines, a cohort of seasoned women business owners who learn from, lean on, and inspire one another. She Shines’ timing was serendipitous. Members relied on each other throughout the pandemic during monthly virtual and ultimately in-person meetings. Fast forward three years and the women of She Shines have become each other’s cheerleaders, advisors, collaborators, and friends. 

Women Entrepreneurs Providing Mutual Encouragement


Joining She Shines back in early 2020 has proven to be such a great asset to me as a small business owner in Milwaukee.  Stephanie Melnick has provided a space in She Shines for Milwaukee female entrepreneurs to gather and truly be real about what works, what doesn’t, what we need help with, and how we can help others. The connections I’ve made have become true friendships, and my gratitude for this group is boundless.

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Teresa Olson

Owner of Olson House

She Shines has been an amazing professional outlet for me to connect with other motivated, kind and passionate small business owners. Having a community to share ideas, successes and challenges with has been fundamental in my small business journey. She Shines members have always been so open and receptive to each other sharing their experiences. We are all at vastly different stages but it doesn’t always feel that way in meetings, because everyone is invested in helping each other succeed.

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Opal Stone

Owner of Wild & Precious Boutique

I am immensely grateful for the She Shines community. It has been an incredible experience for me, learning from and connecting with women business owners across various fields. The ladies in She Shines have provided unwavering support and encouragement, and I genuinely enjoy the time I spend with them. It is a true honor to be a member of this remarkable group, and I eagerly anticipate its continued growth and success.
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Abby Wall

Owner of Thrive Realty Group