How She Stands Tall’s Support for Women-Owned Businesses Began

A lawyer (Stephanie, owner of Melnick & Melnick, S.C.) walked into a bar (The Ruby Tap, owned by sisters Sarah Nelson and Brooke Smith) and suggested a partnership. Stephanie and her team would plan events featuring Milwaukee women entrepreneurs and The Ruby Tap team would serve the wine, charcuterie, and truffle popcorn. Within twenty-four hours, She Stands Tall was a go and since 2017, we’ve been lifting up women small business owners, building a community, and shining a light on Milwaukee.  

In the last five years, She Stands Tall has featured a butcher, baker, and candlestick maker plus more than 50 other women founders doing all the things, for example, commercial developer, bar and restaurant owners, scientist, outdoor equipment renter, artists (ceramicist, illustrator, and designer), caterer, florist, apparel designers, beverage manufacturer, graphic illustrator, cat café owner, nail salon owner, and a professional DIYer and TV personality. We’ve hosted intimate events for 30 in our Walker’s Point office, founder panels for 100+ in a Milwaukee warehouse, and everything in between.

Our speakers do and make different things, but some lessons are universal.

She Stands Tall featuring Layne Cozzolino & Mindy McCord

She Stands Tall featuring Shakkiah Curtis

She Stands Tall featuring Angela Mallett

She Stands Tall featuring Chelsea Matson

She Stands Tall Featuring Shelly Roder & Meagan Schultz

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Why Women Founders Value She Stands Tall

She Stands Tall has always felt like a warm hug to me. It’s a group of women who aren’t concerned with labels or just the surface level side of running a small business. These conversations feel deep, real, and excruciatingly honest. I always leave these events feeling inspired and thankful for being part of this community of entrepreneurs in our city.

Katie Daly Weiss

Owner of Big White Yeti LLC and She Stands Tall speaker

My favorite thing about attending She Stands Tall events is learning about the creative, generative things that amazing women are doing in our community! I have attended several of the speaker series events and the vibe is always welcoming, diverse, casual, and inclusive. If you want to connect with a great group of women business owners who will welcome you, cheer you on, help you network, and support you in your journey as an entrepreneur, join us at the next event!
Sherill Knezel

Owner of Meaningful Marks LLC and She Stands Tall Speaker

What I have learned from attending She Stands Tall that resonates with me has been that it is really not getting to the finish line but enjoying the process of being a business owner through the hardships and the good times. Enjoying all the experiences and learning from them as they come. And most importantly, that we are not alone.

Daniela Varela

Owner of Ruby’s Bagels LLC and She Stands Tall speaker