Marla Poytinger

Marla Poytinger

Co-Founder, Owner, and CEO - Bars & Recreation, Inc.

Bars & Recreation, Inc.

About Marla Poytinger

Marla Poytinger is the dynamic Co-Founder, Owner, and CEO of Bars & Recreation – the parent company for a group of Milwaukee-based entertainment brands including AXE MKE, NorthSouth Club, Nine Below, Amped, and The New Fashioned.

Since 2012, Marla has grown Bars & Recreation from a 2,600 square foot painting studio into a hospitality, entertainment, and real estate empire that does everything from axe throwing, to game show creation, meetings and catering, to commercial property development. Under her leadership, Bars & Recreation continues to redefine what “blow your mind” hospitality experiences look like for guests and the employees who work to support her vision.

Marla holds an MBA in Arts Administration & Non-Profit Management from UW-Madison School of Business. She is a member TEMPO Milwaukee and holds a Real Estate Salesperson License.

Marla resides in Pewaukee, Wisconsin with her husband, Bars & Recreation co-founder, David and their three children.