Nydia Mauras-Jones

Nydia Mauras-Jones

Partner / Director of Strategy - Odvant Creative

About Nydia Mauras-Jones

Since 2014, Nydia Maurás-Jones has been a Founding Partner and the Director of Strategy for Odvant Creative, a branding and design studio located in Milwaukee, WI. Nydia is an intuitive, collaborative designer who delivers transformative strategies and designs that help small businesses and nonprofits stay aligned with their purpose.

Throughout her career, Nydia has demonstrated the ability to connect with diverse audiences to meet their needs. She specializes in identity design, brand strategy, messaging development, and untangling complex problems. Nydia’s infectious energy, combined with a calm approach to problem solving, has made her a valuable part of any team.

Prior to being a designer, Nydia was a Special Education teacher working in Brooklyn, NY, Chicago, IL, and Milwaukee, WI. Unknowingly, she first applied design thinking skills while creating specialized teaching tools for her neurodivergent students. The materials were often improvised with minimal supplies. She learned that observing, asking questions, and being brave enough to try new things are the best problem solving tools.

Nydia received a Bachelor’s degree in Education with Moderate Special Needs from Boston College and another Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She graduated with honors from both programs.

In 2019, Nydia co-founded Rev Collective with Dena Nord, Kate Pociask and Angela Damiani. Rev Collective focused on connecting women and nonbinary individuals to help them find a safe space to be vulnerable about their professional and personal lives. Although Rev Collective closed, the mission of connecting people remains important to Nydia.

When she is not working, Nydia serves on the Board of Directors for Islands of Brilliance, Milwaukee Diaper Mission and on the Advisory Board for Teens Grow Greens. She has also worked closely on several local political campaigns, and often volunteers at her kids’ schools.